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Arrowhead Tutors' SES program provides FREE face-to-face tutoring for students in grades K - 12.  Tutoring takes place in small groups or one-on-one.  Sign up for either  Math tutoring or Reading/Language Arts tutoring.


Arrowhead Tutors' curriculum focuses directly on skills and concepts adhering to State Education Standards.


Reading/Language Arts

Arrowhead Tutors works with students on applying reading skills and strategies to increase comprehension.  This includes knowledge of print, phonological awareness, word analysis, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.  Arrowhead Tutors also focuses on communicative writing skills and indentifying, locating and evaluating information.



Arrowhead Tutors' program focuses on the following skills and concepts: number sense, geometric and algebraic concepts, measurement, data analysis and probability concepts.  Our program allows students to communicate these concepts and make connections within mathematics and other disciplines.

Best Practices

Arrowhead Tutors utilizes a number of scientifically based best practices, providing optimal learning experiences for our students:

  • Gradual Release of Responsibility Method
    • Focused Lesson - direct instruction, introducing material and activating prior knowledge
    • Guided Instruction - guiding students toward using different skills, strategies and procedures independently
    • Collaborative Learning - students work on activities in small groups allowing for deeper understanding through the application of the concept being learned
    • Independent Tasks - The tutor monitors, observing for accuracy, students complete tasks without assistance

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Call us at 866 960-9668 866 960-9668 or use our contact form.

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