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About us

Expertise Based on Experience

Arrowhead Tutors was founded in 2009 in Joliet, Illinois. From the beginning Arrowhead’s vision has been to provide outstanding tutoring to students of all ages and backgrounds. Our leadership team has over 20 years professional experience. We recognize that education is the key to your child’s future successes and we work hard to give your student the support he/she needs and some leisure time with a Sejour Disneyland.

Arrowhead Tutors, Inc. is an approved SES provider in the following states: Washington, Vermont, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming. Arrowhead partners with hundreds of school districts to provide free tutoring services age K - 12 in Mathematics and Reading/Language Arts. SES Tutoring is free tutoring provided by Title 1 of the No Child Left Behind Act.

In addition to SES tutoring, Arrowhead Tutors provides high school test prep services and private tutoring for high school and college aged students.

Arrowhead’s tutors are highly trained professionals. All of our tutors have an educational background. Arrowhead Tutors not only undergo training to become an Arrowhead Tutor, we also offer our tutors professional development throughout the year.

With our experience in the industry and a caring, highly professional approach, Arrowhead Tutors, Inc. is a tutoring company you can trust. Our highly skilled tutors and rigorous curriculum ensure that your student is receiving the best tutoring possible!

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Arrowhead Tutors, Inc.
220 North Larkin Ave
Suite 100
Joliet, Illinois 60435

Call us at 866 960-9668

FREE Tutoring for Grades K - 12

Arrowhead Tutors, Inc. partners with school districts across the country to provide FREE SES Tutoring in Mathematics and Reading for grades K - 12. If you are looking for high quality, professional tutoring services, you’ve come to the right place!

Arrowhead Tutors & Arrowhead Online has 100% Parent and Program Satisfaction! Enroll your child in our online or face-to-face program and recieve 30 Free Hours of Tutoring.

Arrowhead Online

Online SES Tutoring

Arrowhead Tutors

In Person SES Tutoring

With over twenty years professional experience and partnerships with hundreds school districts across the country, Arrowhead Tutors is a leader in SES Tutoring. We provide high-quality tutoring with proven results.

Arrowhead Tutor’s FREE Tutoring program is funded through Federal Title 1 Programs.

Arrowhead Online

Online SES Tutoring
Arrowhead Online is a FREE 30 hour online tutoring program. We provide the tablet, internet connection and content. All your child has to do is log-in!

Program Results
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Arrowhead Online provides personalized online SES tutoring. Arrowhead Online’s SES program is designed for students aged K - 12 working on Mathematics or Reading/Language Arts. Our program is personalized to each student and includes pre and post assessments.

Arrowhead Online is a highly interactive, web-based instructional program. Arrowhead Online’s program contains text, graphics, animation and audio. Students are continously engaged throughout the program.

Each student is assigned a tutor, serving as a guide for all tutoring sessions. Tutors for Arrowhead Online are highly qualified and have a background in education.


All materials are provided. For instructional purposes, students are provided a tablet at the beginning of the tutoring program. Families without reliable access to the internet will be provided with the necessary resources for the duration of the program.


Arrowhead Online’s curriculum focuses directly on skills and concepts adhering to State Academic Standards. Our curriculum is available for students grades K - 12 in both Mathematics and Reading/Language Arts

Learning Time

Arrowhead Online’s SES Program is designed to maximize academic learning time.

Student Lessons:

Arrowhead Tutors

Arrowhead Tutors’ SES program provides FREE face-to-face tutoring for students in grades K - 12. Tutoring takes place in small groups or one-on-one. Sign up for either 30 hours of free Math tutoring or 30 hours of free Reading/Language Arts tutoring.


Arrowhead Tutors’ curriculum focuses directly on skills and concepts adhering to State Education Standards.

Reading/Language Arts

Arrowhead Tutors works with students on applying reading skills and strategies to increase comprehension. This includes knowledge of print, phonological awareness, word analysis, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Arrowhead Tutors also focuses on communicative writing skills and indentifying, locating and evaluating information.


Arrowhead Tutors’ program focuses on the following skills and concepts: number sense, geometric and algebraic concepts, measurement, data analysis and probability concepts. Our program allows students to communicate these concepts and make connections within mathematics and other disciplines.

Best Practices

Arrowhead Tutors utilizes a number of scientifically based best practices, providing optimal learning experiences for our students:

Does my child qualify for FREE TUTORING?

Only 2 Requirements for Free Tutoring

Requirement 1 : Does my child attend a failing school?
Requirement 2 : Does my child QUALIFY for free or reduced lunch?

If your child attends a failing school and qualifies for free or reduced lunch, Arrowhead Tutors will provide free tutoring services to your child.
Your child is eligable for 30 hours of free tutoring if he/she attends a school that has not met AYP (adequate yearly progress goals) for 2 years AND if your child qualifies for free or reduced lunch.

Your chlid does not need to recieve a free or reduced lunch. Only qualify.

Your child does not need to be failinng or behind academically to recieve free tutoring.

Arrowhead Tutors & Arrowhead Online provides free tutoring to students in the following states: Vermont, Washington, Nebraska, Iowa, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota

If your child is eligible for Free Tutoring, provided by Arrowhead Tutors, contact us or your school’s Title 1 Director.

What are Supplemental Educational Services

Supplemental Educational Services (SES) are free tutoring and other supplemental academic enrichment services. This extra help in academic subjects, such as Mathematics or Reading/Language Arts is provided to eligible students outside of their regular school day. SES is offered after school, on weekends and during school breaks.

As an SES provider, Arrowhead Tutors provides free tutoring to students grades K - 12 in the subjects of Mathematics and Reading/Language Arts. SES is part of No Child Left Behind, a landmark education bill, singed into law in 2002. Funding for tutoring services is established in No Child Left Behind.

Which Students are Eligible for SES

Typically, students eligible for free or reduced lunch and attending Title 1 Schools that have been placed on the state’s ‘in need of improvment’ list for two or more years are eligible to receive free Supplemental Educational Services (SES).

Your school district will notify you if your child is eligible for SES. If you think your child may be eligible, but have not heard from your school district, contact your principal, Title 1 coordinator or Arrowhead Tutors.

Your school district will provide you with a list of eligible SES providers. There will be many different types of providers on the list. Some offer online, computer-based tutoring services, while others provide face-to-face, hands-on instruction.

Does my State Offer SES

Arrowhead Online and Arrowhead Tutors are approved SES providers throughout the States of: Washington, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Vermont, Pennslyvannia.

Not every state is required to provide SES services to its students. However, some states and school districts choose to continue offering SES services. Arrowhead Tutors partners with select school districts in Illinois and Colorado to provide SES and similar services. Parents may wish to contact their school district to see which Supplemental Educational Services are available.

What Parents are Saying

100% of parents rate Arrowhead’s Tutoring Program as Excellent!

“I highly recommend this program to all the parents. The teacher is great! A. has learned so much”
Parent of Kindergarten Student, Everett WA

“Sahirah from Arrowhead Tutors was my daughter, A.'s math tutor starting in December 2014. Sahirah helped A. tremendously in the area of math which has always been a challenge. The tutor has helped build my daughter’s confidence in math and has also helped her to know all her multiplication tables. I feel this extra help really helped A. perform better on her assessments through school.”
Parent of 4th Grade Student, Philladelphia PA

“Thanks to Arrowhead, my child has developed the skills needed to continue to succeed in his classes. His tutor worked very closely with him. Thanks Arrwohead. Keep up the good work!”
Parent of 9th Grade Student, Hazel Crest IL

“I noticed great improvement with my kids in the subject they were tutored in. I felt [the tutor] genuinely cared about connecting with them and building a good repport for the tutoring to be as successful as possible”
Parent of 1st and 4th Grade Students, Battle Ground WA

“Arrowhead Tutors provided my boys with great service and a great experience. C. is my 1st grader. He received reading tutoring. I’m so proud to say that Arrowhead helped my son to read at the 3rd grade level. His tutor made reading fun, and it was something C. looked forward to going to. T. is my 4th grader and was tutored in math. Thanks to his tutor, he learned his multiplication and division facts really well. His tutor really challenged him.”
Parent of 3rd and 4th Grade Students, Joliet IL


Your Success is our Success!
Arrowhead Tutors will help your child succeed in school. We close learning gaps, make learning fun and push children ahead.

Arrowhead Tutor’s SES program yields consistent, positive results for students of all ages. We have provided services to hundreds of students across the country in both Mathematics and Reading/Language Arts and positive outcomes are achieved every day.

Arrowhead gets an A+ from Parents